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                            Application of Portable Centrifuge in Ecological Environmental Protection of Wule Town
                            In the process of sample collection for environmental monitoring, it is often necessary to use portable centrifuges for funny solid-liquid separation.
                            Shanghai Jingxin Industry
                            Shanghai Jingxin Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of high-end scientific laboratory equipment and reagents. Provide multi-sample tissue grinders/freeze grinders/high-throughput tissue grinders (grinders)/soil grinders/mortar grinders/fast tissue crushers/automatic cryogenic tissue grinders and other tissue grindings for universities across the country instrument. In August 2018, its brand-Xiaomei Ultrasonic Cleaner was officially launched, which is well received by customers, and inquiries are welcome.
                            Understand the net letter
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